WELCOME to our website. hadley designs is a family (husband+wife) owned business. we love to create and inspire. we are new at this entrepreneur thing, but luckily my husband is a CIT student and i am a graphic design major/ art fanatic so we are in our element. thanks for visiting us and we hope you find everything you're looking for.  feel free to send us a message with any questions you have. you can view my work in the tab labeled "design and art work". then you can order your own custom art piece, handmade by me, in the tab labeled "store" above, or "view art work" below. if you want to get to know myself (hadley) or my husband (devin) you can check us out in the "about" tab, or find us on instagram at hadley_designs. questions? email me at hadley@hadley-designs.com OH and don't forget to keep checking back with us because we have plenty of sales, and new art coming up soon. have fun shoppin!  

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