my name is hadley erickson. i am a designer, a student, and a wife. i have always had a fascination with photography and basically anything to do with art. in high school i found my passion for drawing and it has only grown since then. i'm partially obsessed with any baby animal videos, my religion, and especially my loves, devin and my baby boy easton. i was born in georgia and moved all around the US only to end up back here in the same state that i call home.

Our Story

devin accidentally knocked on my door in my freshman year of college. i told him the friend he was looking for wasn't in my apartment. three minutes later he came to knock again, and invited me to a party outside my apartment complex. we instantly clicked and knew this relationship would last. We were married that next year. we will soon be celebrating our 3 year mark! our baby boy was born in august and he is our greatest blessing! we know live in georgia and we are loving this adventure we are living.


my name is devin, and i am crazy about hadley. she makes my world go round. i am also a student, studied computer information technology. i work as an intern right now doing marketing and other tasks for a real estate management company, Caliber Living, based in atlanta. i am from idaho so the weather and trees are a little surprising to me, but i love the south. i was fortunate to have been able to serve a 2 year volunteer mission for my church in northern florida and part of southern georgia, so being able to be back is amazing. thanks for checking us out.